I’m excited to begin a new blog marking all the sweet little nothings (anythings?) that I encounter in my everyday life as I finish my fifth and final year in college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, (studying Graphic Communication) and soon make my way into the real world. I just have way too much fun “graphically communicating” with video, photos, blog-writing–virtual scrapbooking if you will–, so if you find this all too boring, screw it, it’ll just be for me. I’ve had fun creating little blogs documenting a couple significant recent experiences in my life (Reaching Blue Horizons about producing an environmental documentary film this last summer, and another about my amazing study abroad adventure in Tokyo, Japan), but now’s the time to blog my way through the beginnings of real adulthood even though there’s no one specific exciting experience or topic driving my writing. Maybe this next year I’ll finally find my true calling in life. Maybe I’ll just be jotting down and pondering the little everyday hints I find leading me to this conclusion. Who knows what might lead to the next: it’s all about the journey for me, not always the destination. Who knows where I’m going…but I’m sure enjoying the ride–most days.


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