A Pen So Smart…

As I grip onto my right wrist and massage it for only a moment just before continuing to savagely write down each following word my professor lectures in class I wonder: could there be a better way? Sure, students bring laptops to class as an alternative to carpal tunnel, but I always wondered how the pen and paper approach to note-taking could be optimized and revolutionized so as to preserve the benefits of tactile, paper notes. My questions were answered the other week when a fellow student in my Abnormal Psychology course dramatically slapped down his pen in surrender in front of the professor. We all laughed, including the professor herself, because we were all in such a similar situation ourselves trying to keep up…except one student.

She declared to the whole class that she had a pen, a special pen. She began to explain that this pen had a microphone with 2GB of memory that could record each lecture. Thinking that must be the end of it’s capabilities–it’s JUST a pen–she continued on to say that not only will it record, but it photographs every mark you write or draw on the page, loading it into its memory to be easily and conveniently uploaded onto your computer where an almost photo-copied image appears. Not only that, but when a specific word from your notes is clicked, the corresponding audio taken at the time it was written down is played back! No more furiously scribbling down notes to get each and every last word! Though this magnificent piece of technology sells for a whopping $169.95 on Amazon.com, it was impressive and inspiring to witness and maybe one day it’ll be affordable enough for the rest of us.


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