Graduated and Nesting

It’s official: I’m a Cal Poly graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication! (Thanks, Schwarzenegger, for signing my diploma.) It’s a strange feeling knowing I won’t be reconvening in San Luis Obispo for class in September but instead most likely still be struggling to land a job in Santa Barbara. As I settle back into my hometown and begin the big move into my apartment I’m excitedly planning the next few months of freedom! One of the things I’m looking forward to bide my time with besides watching endless episodes of Dexter via NetFlix or putting finishing touches on my web site (which is finally up and running!), is planning a small container garden for my front patio-to-be at the new apartment! I know, how exciting is my life? Because I really adore simple, clean, attractive web design and I’m an absolute noob at gardening, I had to try out and share on here the Home Farming Movement directed from the Real Simple magazine web site. The step-by-step instructions to decide the possibilities for your new garden accompany adorable graphics of vegetables and herbs with a scrapbook-y feel. I’m really impressed with how simple, easy to understand but still actually full of useful information this site is. (Again, this could be because I’m only such an amateur at gardening.) So, as soon as I get things moved in the next couple of weeks, I’m sure I’ll be using this site to create my dream garden/patio (+Home Depot+Craigslist+the help of a exterior design-knowledgeable friend) and I’ll be sure to post pictures. Soon my two fat kittehs will have a lovely outdoor area to enjoy–while they eat everything I grow, I’m sure.

Beyond this, I’ll be discovering and eating delicious food and possibly reviewing my favorite finds, attending as many concerts as possible, of course, continuing to teach myself Japanese, and planning an epic trip to Southeast Asia. (more on this later!)


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