Dreaming Burmese Days…and Then Some

One other thing is certain: I’m going back to Asia this winter! My boyfriend Dillon, our friend Jordan and I are planning a trip traveling through Southeast Asia and we’ve been excitedly planning some details. Though our itinerary may change slightly, so far we’ve decided to explore five countries over one month staying in hostels, riding trains through the countryside, indulging in street food, traveling on a shoestring–an interesting explanation to this expression: in the 1800s when a shoestring broke, it was often used then to bundle items. I’ll most likely be using a backpack!As you can see below, we’re focusing on mainland Southeast Asia. We’ll first fly into Hong Kong where I’ll be visiting a friend I met on my study abroad trip to Japan, then begin our Southeast Asian adventures. In this seemingly compact region, we’re finding it almost impossible to see anywhere near all that we want to see! We’ll begin our journey spending a few days in Hong Kong seeing the big city sights and eating delicious food; next, fly into Bangkok to spend New Years Eve and if time permits, visit some nooks and crannies, including the world’s most beautiful beaches; enter Myanmar (Burma), a rather difficult place to travel these days but so worth the beautiful sights (check out the beautiful photos on Lonely Planet!); return to Bangkok to immediately catch ground transportation making our way east to Cambodia, where we’ll of course visit famously beautiful and mysterious Angkor Wat, then stay our last days in a hut on a beach; finally continue our way north through most of Vietnam where we’ll explore the south and central lands, possibly the highland mountain tribes, and finally revisit Hanoi where we fly out back to America. Shockingly, despite all the travel costs, this trip is CHEAP. Gotta love Asia.


One thought on “Dreaming Burmese Days…and Then Some

  1. Chelsea, this trip sounds outstanding and full of adventure. Have a great time, and please be careful. Love, Uncle Brent

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