San Francisco Treats!

It’s always such a treat to spend a few days in San Francisco visiting Jordan where we ultimately spend all of our time sampling the best Asian food in the city. So far during my last few visits with Dillon, we’ve found and indulged in authentic Japanese, Indian/Pakistani, Thai, Chinese Islamic, Vietnamese restaurants, and finally today: Burmese, in honor of our trip to Myanmar (Burma). So it’s safe to say we’re prepared for Southeast Asia! Today’s adventure took us to Burma Superstar (an alternative to a similar joint named Pagan that was unfortunately closed on Mondays!) where we enjoyed Indian-like cuisine with a Southeast Asian twist. I ordered the Burmese curry with chicken and toasted coconut rice, Jordan the same, and Dillon the garlic egg noodles with duck. After spying on my neighbor’s table and spotting a moist coconut poked with a straw, I also ordered one myself and washed my meal down with the cold, refreshingly sweet coconut water. Perfection! What was even cooler were the Tshirts they sold, so we each got a smiling buddha vintage-style Burma Superstar logo shirt. Shirts with a beautiful graphic of Aung San Suu Kyi’s profile are also sold here with 100% of profits going toward a relief fund for the Myanmar people, but unfortunately these were out of stock today.

To top off the day, Dillon and I on a whim made our way down Noriega St. to Golden Island Cafe. Kind of a random food adventure, but the reviews on Yelp made my mouth water and I had to check it out. I’ve been craving a Japanese bakery, but this is open until midnight and offered a variety Chinese desserts and such I just couldn’t pass up. First on my agenda: this delicious Mango Sago with Coconut Milk (pictured above). I paired it with condensed-milk toast (as recommended by a Yelp review–thank  you!): thick white bread toasted and slathered in buttery, sweet gooey goodness. Dillon tried the Asian-style fried chicken (fried without bread crumbs and oh so tender) and red bean smoothie with tapioca balls. I love sampling little morsels of light, tasty Asian food. Random. Delicious. Satsified!


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