A Simple Diary Found

This truly is a post meant for Sweet Anythings. I’ve always been looking for a sweet little “assisted” journal with fill in the blanks, inspiring quotes…a journal to help me journal. I found it at Anthropologie. Available in 6 bright colors, Keel’s Simple Diary will inspire you to reflect on the little milestones in life and help guide your entries. I haven’t doodled probably since middle school days when my diary was scribbled with “I Love So-and-So,” then crossed out two more times and replaced with “Whats-His-Name” on black pages, but once I brought home my bright orange journal I couldn’t put it down. I planned to neatly follow fill in the blanks and check marks on the the cleanly laid out pages, but after a good journaling sesh I found my pages doodled and written on all over. Just like creator, Phillip Keel introduces you to your journal:

You may use Simple Diary a) however you like. b) whenever you want. c) wherever you are. d) randomly or page by page. e) filling in your thoughts or leaving it blank. f) reading one page or as many as you wish. g) and putting it aside for a while. h) as an assistant for any occasion in life.

Not my hands or journal, but found images (credits on the side)

I’m able to realize things about my day (or my life) I probably wouldn’t had normally thought journal-worthy but later find insightful. And the foil stamped clovers, the silver-gilded edges, the witty, thought-provoking quotes centered on each page, the unsuspecting pocket at the back for that love note or the flower you picked… It’s all the little details that make me happy to spend some quality journaling time with my Simple Diary every day.

{ Simple Diary }
{ Anthropologie }


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