The ‘Sutorappu’ Craze

{ Strapya World }

The cellphone strap, also known as ストラップ (su-to-ra-ppu), is a fad us American’s haven’t quite adopted or may not even know anything about, but is certainly popular with almost everyone in Japan. Whether a serious salary man or giddy school girl, the Japanese sure know how make a statement with their phones. Of course, everyone takes their collection to their own level, ranging from a modest single charm to an obnoxious bulk of stuffed animals and glittering plastic candy replicas. And believe me, I witnessed the entire spectrum; there’s a strap for almost anything you can (and can’t) imagine. I found great fun taking part in the frenzy collecting these adorable (and sometimes even functionable) cell phone ornaments. I brought my proud collection back with me to the States and even attached them to my American cell phone for a while (you’ll probably be able to find a small hole at the top or bottom corner of your cell phone…’Oh what that’s for!’), however I found that over time these little ornaments will get dirty or destroyed being flung around and stuffed in a purse. So, instead I attached a cluster of mine to my rear view mirror in my car and it’s been the perfect solution!

I’ve had mine for almost two years, so of course I had to go looking for some place online that might ship to America. Not only did I find it, but it has a huge selection even including most of mine that I found in the nooks and crannies of Japan! The above shows just a fraction of the variety sold on Strapya World, including: endless array of mini plastic food models including sushi, glasses of beer, bowls of curry, and tons of sweets (cakes, ice cream, macaroons, chocolate bars…encrusted with Swarovski crystals); anime characters; realistic-feeling cat paw that makes meowing noises; bottle of floating moss; lucky golden poop (…?). My absolute favorite that I own myself (also shown above) is the chain of waffles with the words: If you eat too much the cake and candy, you will grow fat. A deliciously cute keepsake with a reminder of the harsh reality. As the web site so perfectly describes the product, “Petit sweets look so yummy but they give you bitter words.”

Whether or not you’re familiar with the Japanese trend of bedazzling your cell phone, browse the site and you’re bound to find one that speaks to you. Once you have, show the world by attaching to your keychain, cell phone, or rear view mirror!


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