Independent Woman

The new year has already brought with it new celebrations, hopes, and obstacles, and I’m here to tell my story and get this blog back on track. I can’t stand Twitter and how arrogant it turns people into, so this isn’t one of those up-to-the-minute blogs all about me. Instead I hope it to be something others can relate to… I’m not the tooting-my-own-horn kinda gal. As an almost 25 year-old woman, I’ve reached a turning point in my life that I feel I was unprepared for and believe many others feel the same. Though I’ve got my own issues, personality flaws, and life circumstances, I hope others can celebrate with me this new year becoming your own person, loving yourself, doing what you love… screw all the rest! I think a pivotal moment for me was attending my first harp lesson in twelve years, and my passion for music-making rising again. ‘Twas why I’ve added a photo of my harp; once dusty and neglected, it is now shiny and bright again. More on that later…


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