Reverse Care Package


Before I could get a chance to send a care package full of goodies to my sweetie from his home of Southern California to his new place in south-west Japan, I discovered this in the mail. I guess I’m the one with the care package! I once lived in Japan too, so in a way it does feel like a piece of home was captured and sent to me. Cushioned with crumpled-up office paper covered in Japanese characters lay my delicate confectionaries, each one nestled in its own celephane wrapper or set perfectly in a nook equidistant from its neighbor, or wrapped with a perfect satin bow. The Japanese wagashi (和菓子) are beautiful art pieces that just happen to taste magnificent (most of the time—I
managed to find one the tasted like vegetables). Traditional in nature, and becoming more contemporary in flair. Mostly made with rice flour, sweet beans, pastes, and wraps, it is all about the presentation, and just ever so lightly sweetened and perfectly portioned—couldn’t think of anything else I adore more in Japan… Well, except my boy!


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