Designing for Weddings

I recently had the joy of designing some of the smaller details for my friend Tessa’s beautiful Santa Barbara wedding at the zoo. Her style is clean and airy, and she loves teals and pastels. For me, it was my green light to go all-out “pretty” in my design style, and I found myself loving the girly wedding aesthetic. Here are some shots of gift tags for her homemade cookie favors for guests, table cards, and guest cards. It may have been at the zoo, but it was definitely an elegant affair!


The beautiful love birds at their sweetheart table.


Tips: Although I only added minor touches to her event, I have to say it was extremely rewarding to see it all integrated with the beautiful flower arrangements, the linens, and the whole atmosphere. I did learn a few valuable tips for designing for weddings:

  • Cookie Tags: This was probably the most time-consuming; not designing them, but registering the designs just right on the page so nothing would be cut off when using the tag punch (by Recollections, found at Michaels). Another possibly less time-consuming option could be to punch tags out of scrapbook paper, and then hand write on each one with a pretty pen. One last challenge was adjusting the color on the screen over and over to account for my shitty inkjet printer colors. What appears to be a faint lilac really had to be almost pink on my computer screen!
  • Escort Cards: I quickly realized that these individual cards take the longest to design. Guests suddenly can’t make it to the event, and people need to be swapped tables last-minute. Someone’s name is misspelled. Expect the last-minute factor, and use a template or master pages in InDesign. Cutting these all out would be a pain in the ass, but the bride Tessa had the idea to print on perforated matte white tent cards from Staples. Now, I know you’re cringing at the thought of ugly perforated edges bordering elegant table decorations, but they were so fine that I honestly couldn’t tell the difference and came out very nice. Also, though you may be noticing all the tiny details like its centering, remember they’re only an accent to the whole event, and that most of these will likely be thrown away or left scattered around the tables at the end of the night. But, some will also take them home and keep them as a sweet memento.



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