Bowl Full of Life

Pomegranate Quinoa "Oatmeal" | @chershi on Instagram

Due to requests on my Instagram account to follow up photos of my new-found cooking passion, I’ve finally decided to post my creations on this blog. I don’t typically follow precise measurements of ingredients, and I add what I think a dish needs as I go, but I sure list everything that goes in; I love that such beautiful and delicious food can be made from just a handful of ingredients! My breakfasts usually turn out vegan, but if I feel like something would taste better with a hunk of cheese or a hearty poached egg and I’ve got it (or the time) on hand, I won’t hesitate to add it. My goal is purely this: to avoid processed sugars, use whole foods, and respect my body and what I put into it. No calorie counting, no guilt, and everything in moderation.

Anyway, here’s my best breakfast bowl combination yet: quinoa “oatmeal,” bananas, dried figs, almond and sun butter, pomegranate jewels, drizzled with maple syrup. I covered it with hemp milk afterward and couldn’t wait to eat it! So simple, right? Hope I can inspire you the way I’ve been inspired by so many others in the blogging/Instagram community!


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