Green Smoothie Challenge: Day 9

Good morning, friends! Here’s yesterday’s green smoothie, a perfect example that not all creations will be works of art (or even made before the sun goes down), but they sure still taste good! The recipe is, again, very simple, quick, and easy to make because you just toss it all in the blender. I personally invested in a reconditioned Vitamix to save some money, and I would never know the difference. Here’s the recipe:

½ cup spinach
½ cup kale
½ avocado
½ frozen banana
2 dates
handful of frozen berries
handful of green grapes (even better if you pop ’em in the freezer)
splash of almond milk

Green Smoothie Challenge: Day Nine

The color was definitely verging on brown because of all the deep red and purple berries, but with the sunset lighting and thanks to my ever-growing succulent patio garden, it looks pretty temping, don’t you think? I would love to see what other green smoothie recipes people are coming up with. Find me on Instagram or share a comment below! Until tomorrow…


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