Green Smoothie Challenge: Halfway There

When I signed up for the challenge to drink a green smoothies once a day for thirty days, I wondered how my work schedule would affect my consistency—when I would find time in the day to make them, how often I would need to grocery shop, how adventurous I’d be with ingredientsand I learned that (1) I typically make my green smoothie after work when I have the most time to get creative, and thankfully the sun is out late now; (2) I’m staggering my trips to the grocery store instead of saving up for big trips twice a month like I was before, and going through lots of bananas; and (3) there is definitely some overlap with ingredients used, but surprisingly, I haven’t made the exact same smoothie twice! On to recipes…

Does anyone else remember that children’s book The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear? This photo of green smoothie #15 reminds me of those luscious strawberry illustrations.

The Red Ripe Strawberry Green Smoothie | Sweet Anythings

The Red Ripe Strawberry:

🌿 TJ’s frozen tropical fruit
🌿 ½ cup spinach
🌿 the rest of 2 leftover zucchinis from making zoodles
🌿 juice of 1 lime
🌿 handful of walnuts
🌿 splash of coconut water and coconut milk
🌿 strawberry for garnish

Tropical Protein Green Smoothie | Sweet Anythings

Tropical Protein Green Smoothie:

🌿 1 cup spinach
🌿 3 tangerines
🌿 TJ’s frozen tropical fruit
🌿 1 tbsp vanilla hemp protein (gives it a nice nutty flavor, too)
🌿 ¼ can coconut milk
🌿 splash of almond milk and coconut water

Chia Pudding Green Smoothie | Sweet Anythings

Chia Seed Pudding Green Smoothie:

🌿 Like a dimwit, I forgot to write down the recipe for this one (as I tend to do), but a main ingredient I hadn’t tried before was chia seed pudding. Add to the blender at the very end once everything else is blended so as not to grind up the seeds and keep that tapioca-like texture. Sounds like I got all fancy and had this planned out, but I really just used whatever I had left in the fridge, also including the rest of a zucchini I saved from made “zoodles.”

Happy blending!


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