Green Smoothie Challenge: Rainbow Chard

Green smoothie number 18 has to be my favorite yet, and yet I was hesitant to try its secret ingredient (well, not that secret): rainbow chard.

Here’s what turned into liquid magic:

emojiHalf frozen banana
emoji1 stalk rainbow chard
emoji½ cup applesauce
emoji2 ice cubes
emoji½ cup vanilla hemp milk

I also managed to turn a green smoothie into what tasted exactly like melted ice cream. Here’s the recipe:

Melted Nice Cream Green Smoothie

Melted Nice Cream Green Smoothie:

emoji2 frozen bananas
emoji1 avocado
emoji2 tbsp raw unsalted almond butter (from Trader Joe’sI can’t even find this at health food stores!)
emoji4 dates
emojihemp + almond milk
emoji1 tsp alcohol-free vanilla extract

I was working late photographing my aerial teacher for the newspaper I work at, and decided to turn my usual dinner appetizer into a legit, absolutely guilt-free dessert. This was it. How can you feel guilty about enjoying your greens with no added sugar? Exactly.

Happy blending!


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