Green Smoothie Challenge: Final Week

My birthday weekend away consisted of lots of sweets, barbecue, and beer, and for the first time I felt my body actually craving cold greens going one day without a smoothie. I was walking through the beautiful Eucalyptus forest at Montaña de Oro, and then it hit me: not a “Oh, a green smoothie sounds tasty right now,” kind of response, but a “I need liquid greens in my belly, stat!” kind of feeling. It wasn’t how my mind often creates cravings for desserts, for example, but a physical craving for what it actually needed. Our bodies are pretty incredible. Here are the few I downed straight after I got back home to my Vitamix:

Lemon Meringue Pie Green Smoothie Recipe | Sweet Anythings

Lemon Meringue Pie Green Smoothie (above):

emoji Juice of 1 lemon
emoji 1.5 cups of spinach
emoji Half a pear
emoji 1 frozen banana
emoji About a cup of walnuts
emoji A sprinkle of raw cashew pieces
emoji Splash of coconut water
emoji 1 tbsp raw honey
First, blend the greens with the coconut water and lemon juice on a low setting, then add in the other ingredients to keep the temperature nice and cold. I noticed that the higher settings on the Vitamix actually heat up the smoothie because the blades are spinning so fast! Warm smoothies don’t taste too good. Also, loving my free glass straw from Glass Dharma from an Earth Day contest they hosted last month. I wonder if they’ll have anymore giveaways in the future.

Lemon Meringue Pie Green Smoothie Recipe | Sweet AnythingsAbove is another attempt at the green lemon meringue, however I added the basil garnish. Although there was no basil in the smoothie itself, the aroma from the garnish with the creamy citrus taste was really wonderful.

Basil Coconut Green Smoothie Recipe | Sweet AnythingsFinally, my much-needed green smoothie after my weekend away in my Lucidity Festival mason jar. Hooray!

Ingredients:  Spinach, frozen ‘nana, basil, coconut milk, and green apple.


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